Topic Availability: Please be aware that not all topics are available in all areas of the province - we are limited by the availability of volunteer speakers and the topics they are prepared to present.

Minimum Attendance Requirement: Please note that pre-registration of at least 12 people is required for sessions in certain areas of the province and on certain topics.

Advance Notice: We ask that you make your request a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance of your event. Please note that pre-registration may be required depending upon the topic and/or location of your presentation.

Coordinators' Responsibilities: Groups/individuals requesting presentations are responsible for facilitating their own participant registration, for booking their own meeting space and for providing a monitor at the presentation. A monitor prepares the meeting room in advance of the presentation, hands out materials to participants, introduces the speaker, attends the presentation until the end, finishes the presentation on time, and collects and returns all participant evaluation forms to PLEA.

PLEA's Pledge: PLEA will make reasonable effort to find a speaker on the topic you request, for the date, time and location you prefer. You will be contacted as soon as we have found a speaker for your class or event, and put in touch with that speaker. A confirmation letter and supporting materials (if any) will be forwarded at that time. You will also be contacted in the event that a suitable speaker cannot be found.

Supporting Materials: PLEA attempts to provide booklets, pamphlets, outlines, and evaluation forms to the participants at each session, however, supporting materials may not be available for all presentations.

Presentation Length: Presentations for community groups and organizations are generally about an hour in length, plus about 30 minutes for participants to ask questions. Presentations for students may be shorter, depending on the length of class time slot.

Help Us Help You: Please be specific about your needs. The details you provide in this request form will help us zero in on a speaker that meets those requirements. This will ultimately lead to a more positive experience for all parties involved.

A Note on Judge Visits: Judges from the Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen's Bench and the Provincial Court are available to talk to students about the role of the courts in Canada's justice system from the "hands on" perspective of a judge. PLEA does not provide this service directly. Contact the Courts Education Program ( for more information or to schedule this program at your school.