The PLEA 36.3
Hanging Out and Hooking Up

The PLEA: Hanging Out and Hooking Up examines healthy relationships, dating violence, and sexual assault. Ideal for helping teens build healthy and respectful relationships.

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Victims of Crime

Includes declaration of principles regarding the treatment of victims and provides information about the court process, alternatives to court, victim compensation, dealing with common emotions and options for support.

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Common signs to watch for, information about what to do if you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, what happens when child abuse or neglect is reported and how to find help and support.

Child Protection

Brief overview of child protection laws in Saskatchewan and the role of Child and Family Services in ensuring child safety.

Going to Criminal Court

Brief overview of appearing in criminal court on criminal charges, arrest, fingerprints and photographs, first appearance, entering a plea, and sentencing.

Health Care Directives

Overview of The Health Care Directives and Substitute Health Care Decision Makers Act, including how to make a health care directive and who can make health care decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able.

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Protection

Going to Criminal Court

Health Care Directives


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Older Adults and the Law

Information about age discrimination, housing, driving, consumer protection, crime prevention, abuse, grandchildren, powers of attorney, health care directives, guardianship, pensions, wills and estates, and funerals.

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Renting a Home

Overview for tenants and landlords about entering into residential rental agreements, rights and responsibilities, rent increases, ending a rental agreement, security deposits, resolving disputes and enforcing orders.

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Life After 60

Comprehensive legal information for older adults, their families and friends including family law issues, healthcare concerns, planning for the future, protection from fraud, trickery and abuse and getting legal help.


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Legal Information for Newcomers

Newcomers can be faced with a sometimes baffling array of institutions, including government departments, police agencies, courts and government agencies. NewLI is designed to provide plain language legal information to help Saskatchewan newcomers successfully navigate these interactions.

NewLI includes Saskatchewan-based information about rights & responsibilities, government, the justice system and answers to frequently asked questions. Topics include:

  • rights in the workplace
  • renting a home
  • accessing healthcare
  • getting a driver’s licence
  • protection from discrimination
  • dealing with government agencies
  • family obligations
  • being stopped by the police
  • schooling for children
  • protections in the marketplace
  • community rules

Family Law Saskatchewan
The easiest way to complete family law forms

Drop-In Tuesdays


  • Information about family law
  • Help with completing family court forms
  • Information about going to court



Tuesdays 1:00-3:00

(October 4th to November 29th &
January 3rd to March 28th)*

* no sessions November 8th and February 21st


PLEA Office
Regency Centre
#500-333 25th Street East
Saskatoon SK

There is no cost. No registration required.

If you have a laptop or web-enabled mobile device, please bring it.

The information and help that you will receive is not the same as going to a lawyer.  Only a lawyer can advise you about what to do.

Introducing Family Law Saskatchewan!

The information and assistance on this website is specifically designed to help individuals in Saskatchewan who are facing separation and divorce without a lawyer, although it may also be very useful for people who have or plan to have a lawyer.

Family Law Saskatchewan has information about a wide range of topics from grounds for divorce, to child support guidelines, spousal support, parenting plans, separation agreements and how family property is defined and divided. This information can help people understand their rights and obligations, how courts make decisions in family law cases and what steps they need to take.

If you need to apply to court for divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support or to have family property divided, or you have you been served with court documents in a family law case, the free Form Wizard can help you. You will answer plain-language interview style questions and this information will be used to create the court forms you need. Throughout the process you will be provided with explanations of questions and links back to relevant parts of the information on the site. We also offer email support if you need help using the Form Wizard.

Check out Family Law Saskatchewan at familylaw.plea.org.