Executive Director: Joel Janow, BA, LLB - with PLEA since 1993

The Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the association.


Legal Writers: Allyson Gagne, LLB - with PLEA since 1996
                        Jocelyn Gagne, LLB, LLM - with PLEA since 2001

The Legal Writers are responsible for the development of PLEA resources, as well as being involved in a variety of other activities that contribute to meeting the legal information needs of the Saskatchewan public.


Youth and Schools Coordinator: Jonas Kiedrowski, B.Ed., BA, M.Ed., MA - with PLEA since 2006

The Youth and Schools Coordinator is responsible for the development and delivery of law-related education to youth and school communities across the province of Saskatchewan.


Financial Administrator: Sharon Mark-Chan, B.Comm. - with PLEA since 2010

The Financial Administrator is responsible for the financial management of PLEA along with the preparation and filing of all financial reporting requirements.


Administrative Coordinator/Office Manager: Sharon Peterson, B.Comm. - with PLEA since 2007

The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for the management of all project, programming, and administrative procedures and policies of PLEA.


Program Assistants: Shannon Lebalt - with PLEA since 2007
                                  Cathy Doucette - with PLEA since 2011

The Program Assistants are responsible for administration duties related to PLEA programs and resources.